Tuesday, August 21, 2018


We hope you're ready to be dazzled! Our designers have created some amazing collections! We have 29 Bundled Packs for you to choose from this month! Choose a Bundled Pack and pay just $1 for each designer pack in the bundle. If you prefer to shop for individual packs, we have 150 coordinating packs for just $1.50 each. Of course, we suggest that you stretch your scrapping budget & pick one of the bundled options! 
We're still giving away FREE TEMPLATES with any $12 purchase during the Pickle Barrel Promo. Don't miss these gorgeous templates from DitaB Designs!
SAVE BIG by buying our bundled packs! Check out the 10-, 6- or 4-Packs the PBP Designers have created this month!
Remember that if a designer offers a 10-Pack, it includes all products from their 6-Pack PLUS Four Extra Packs for Just $10 - that's just $1 per pack! Only the 10-Packs for those designers are shown below.  Links to their 6-Packs are on the buttons below the 10-Pack images. 
There are more 6-Packs 4-Packs below the 10-Pack images...scroll down so you don't miss them!
All individual packs can be seen in the Pickle Barrel Category!
We hope you'll love having more gorgeous designs at great prices to choose from! 
Click here to see Jen Yurko's 6-Pack
Click here to see DitaB Designs' 6-Pack
Click here to see Cheryl Day Designs' 6-Pack
Click here to see Kathryn Estry's 6-Pack
Click here to see Designs by LorieM Designs' 6-Pack
Click here to see Tiramisu Design's 6-Pack
Click here to see Heartstrings Scrap Art's 6-Pack
Click here to see PrelestnayaP Design's 6-Pack
Click here to see Jumpstart Designs' 6-Pack
Click here to see Fayette Designs' 6-Pack
Click here to see Laitha Art Studio's 6-Pack
Click here to see BooLand Designs' 6-Pack
The designers below created 6-Packs or a 4-Pack for Pickle Barrel this month. Click the images below to buy their complete collections!


Thanks to all of the fabulous scrappers that have been participating with our Monthly Mojo Challenges. We had an extra incentive for you to finish early this month....a chance to WIN ALL OF OUR AUGUST PICKLE BARREL 6-PACKS. Congratulations to BROOMY! She was the lucky winner in our drawing. Watch your shop account, Broomy, for an order including all SIXTEEN 6-Packs today!
Congratulationsbeaute for her layout "Harmony".
This gorgeous layout was voted LOTW by the scrappers on our site.
I just love the colors streaking down from the face, and the great 3D effects. Perfect use of elements and fabulous shadow work. This layout is a real piece of art!
Click on the image to go to the gallery and leave a little love!
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